Coming Soon - SmartJailMail

SmartJailMail is a two-way electronic communications platform which will provide you with a variety of online services (services vary by location but typically include the following; some of these services may not be available at this location):

Please Inform Your Friends and Family...

Before friends and family members can send messages or photos to you through the kiosk, they will need to set up an account on our website at www.SmartJailMail.com. Once they set up an account, they can search for you by name or ID number and send you a connection request.

Once the service is online, you will be able to approve these connection requests. You can then send messages to and receive messages from your contacts. You will also be able to view approved photos on this kiosk. Please ask your friends and family members to sign up at www.SmartJailMail.com today.

When will the service be available?

We are in the process of installing the SmartJailMail kiosk system in your correctional facility right now. Once all of the kiosks have been installed, the system will become available to all residents housed in the facility. The kiosk will update itself automatically with an announcement when the service is ready for use.

Assign Kiosk Location.